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yes at kleantech we believe money should not be the hindirence to anyones online success, what we do we develop a website or web app for you then you pay in manageble instalments
web testing just like the name suggests is the process of checking for the usability of your website detecting bugs and other human errors that were made during development
Remote assistance is whereby our team of IT specialists troubleshoot your pc problems remotely, there is no need to trave to your home or office for this. remote assistance is a very secure way of solving IT related problems
IT consultancy is whereby we as experts in the field of it offer you or your firm the much needed information and help in oder to sustain your IT depertment at a low cost, we strive to find a balance of how well to utilize your IT resources for the benefit of your organization
SEO is search engine optimization, this is whereby your website is made in a way that is search engine friendly which makes your website easily accessible by your clients and increase its ranking
This is whereby a payment gateaway is intergrated to your website to enable your clients pay directly through your website, you can also pay your bills directly in your website.