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In today’s ever-changing and fierce web-based business frame, organizations always need to test before the launch of their website. By web testing, any organization can be sure that the website will work perfectly and will be easily accepted by the end-users. This procedure is normally useful to recognize the safety, completeness, quality and correctness of the computer software. Kleantech Solutions delivers a full range of website testing services. Web testing services help you to be sure that your website is in compliance with the highest functional, security and usability standards of quality in cyberspace.



At kleantech we provide anonated screenshots of your web site clearly highlighting the parts with errors and we even go ahead and give you possible solutions.When web testing is carried out, your website is tested for potential bugs and all necessary reports are performed depending on your web testing requirements. Where we believe in banishing the risks through manual testing, our team of testers leaves no stone unturned in augmenting the end-User experience, negating the uncertainties in the product quality, if any. At kleantech Solutions we provide daily test report for our client which will help them to stay updated about project progress.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is particularly important in Web Testing as the web application is exposed to potentially large number of audience.

When testing web applications, not only do we have to ensure functionally the website is stable, we also have to make sure the application doesn’t crash when subjected to a large load on the server.

Unfortunately, most people forget about performance testing of the web application, or postpone the testing just before release which is too late. If there is something fundamentally wrong in the design or code that could impact performance, we would not know about it till it’s too late.

Best approach is to run a performance check as often as the functional regression tests so we have confidence that the performance has not regressed as part of the changes to the code base.

Jmeter is a popular opensource load testing tool that can be used to check for a site’s performance. It can also be integrated in a CI server.

Cross-browser Web Testing

As there are different number of browsers, we need to ensure our web application works as expected on all of them (at least the major ones, i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer), not to forget Opera and Safari.

As with all testing, we need to know which browsers and their versions the application supports and then plan the testing accordingly.

Testing everything on every browser can be very time consuming, hence we can use automated tools to verify functionality on different browsers.

Speaking from personal experience, the number of browser-related issues are very few and mostly related to very old versions of browsers or the CSS doesn’t render properly giving layout issues.

Test Automation

Majority of companies developing Web Applications work in an agile development model with frequent releases, hence a need for frequent testing. In Web Testing, Test Automation can be of great benefit because it removes the burden of repetitive work.

As well as verifying functionality, we can also use automated scripts to generate test data that we need during Web Testing.

Another way automation can help in manual testing is tools such as Selenium WebDriver can take screenshots of the actual browser page. If we need to visually check for a large number of pages, e.g. we want to know how the localized text renders on different webpages, we can use the tool to go through the pages and take screenshots and then quickly verify visually.

Analyzing HTTP Traffic

Quite often there is a need to analyse the HTTP traffic from the browser to the downstream servers. By analyzing the web traffic we can dig down to the details of each request and response.

In Web Testing, analyzing HTTP traffic is particularly useful when testing third party tracking tags, such as Google Analytics tags or omniture tags on webpages.

Not only can we verify the tags hold correct values, we can actually test that the requests are fired off to the appropriate third party systems and that we get a valid response, usually 200 OK response code.

In order to be able to visualize and record HTTP traffic we have to use an appropriate tool that acts as a proxy and can listen to the requests and responses between the client, usually a browser, and the servers.

Responsive Websites and Mobile Testing

More people are accessing websites from their mobile phones than their desktop computers. This means that Web Testing is no longer restricted to browsers on desktops. We now have to test web applications on mobile platforms as well as desktops.

There are two types of web applications for mobile devices, ones which are purposely developed for mobile platforms, and ones which are “responsive”, i.e. there is only one version of the web application built for desktop and mobile devices but the application renders and is displayed differently depending on the size of the device.

Both types require testing on mobile devices and/or simulators.

We Do Manual Testing In the Following Domains:

  • Unit Testing
  • White-Box testing
  • System Testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Black-Box testing
  • Grey-box testing
  • Software Testing
  • Static testing
  • Functional Testing

The best web tesing experience i have ever had as a developer, The piece of  work that was deliverd to me was amazing to say the least. API testing involves testing APIs directly (in isolation) and as part of the end-to-end transactions exercised during integration testing. Beyond RESTful APIs, these transactions include multiple types of endpoints such as web services, ESBs, databases, mainframes, web UIs, and ERPs. API testing is performed on APIs that the development team produces as well as APIs that the team consumes within their application. What kleantech testers did is provide me with details of all this giving my team and i details we had missed in an orderly manner, i would recommend you to sample their services.

Andrew miller
Andrew miller